Netanyahu: Conflict with Iran better now than later

Prime minister says Israel will do whatever it takes to prevent Iranian entrenchment in Syria; stresses importance of his upcoming meeting with Putin Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the press at the Kirya government headquarters in Tel Av [Read story...]

Syrian Kabuki

Despite outcries from horrified aficionados of Japanese theater , the term “Kabuki” seems to have found a permanent place in the American political lexicon. The term refers to an act that is more a contrived and ritualized posturing than a useful mea [Read story...]

Syria: Evacuations from besieged, battered areas

The evacuation of thousands of rebels and civilians from Syria's Eastern Ghouta, the last opposition bastion near Damascus, follows a string of similar operations in the seven-year war. BEIRUT: The evacuation of thousands of rebels and civilians [Read story...]

Trump promises Syria pullout, but sets no end date

President Donald Trump's White House vowed Wednesday that the US mission in Syria would come to a “rapid end” but failed to put a timetable on an eventual withdrawal. President Donald Trump shocked allies by declaring that the 2,000 US troops in [Read story...]