Golan Druze man arrested for passing intel to Syria

Druze march in support of Bashar Assad, in the town of Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights A Druze man from the Golan Heights was arrested last month for crossing the border into Syria and allegedly passing along intelligence to the Bashar Assad govern [Read story...]

Syria now has a lost generation – SBS

SBSSyria now has a lost generationSBSSyria is facing "the most disastrous humanitarian crisis in decades", a senior European Union official has warned, marking 1,000 days since the armed conflict began. "One thousand days of violence w [Read story...]

How The USA Lost Its Syrian Allies – Daily Beast

Daily BeastHow The USA Lost Its Syrian AlliesDaily BeastIn turn, the Obama administration has begun reaching out to Syrian rebels who espouse an Islamist agenda and draw support from American allies in the region like Saudi Arabia as opposed to the U [Read story...]

What to do about Syria – Los Angeles Times

Asharq Alawsat EnglishWhat to do about SyriaLos Angeles TimesA statement by a United Nations official that war crimes in Syria can be attributed to "the highest level of government, including the head of state," has renewed the debate over [Read story...]