Explosion Damages Bulker en Route to Yemen

An explosion has damaged a Turkish vessel carrying wheat to Yemen's Houthi-controlled port of Saleef, with varying accounts attributing the incident on Thursday to an unexplained blast aboard the ship or a possible missile strike. A naval ship of [Read story...]

Yemenis protest against UAE presence in Socotra

Popular protests have broken out in the Yemeni island of Socotra as the local people express their rejection of the deployment of forces belonging to the United Arab Emirates . Located just off the coast of Somalia with access to major shipping route [Read story...]

Struggle and survival in war-torn Yemen

Soldiers of the self-styled Security Belt, the armed wing of Yemen's Southern Transitional Council, in the strategic enclave of al-Aqabah, from where they control the port and the main city road. [Judith Prat/Al Jazeera] In 2015, Yemeni President [Read story...]

‘Operation Red Sea’ gets India release date

Mumbai, May 9 – Chinese film Operation Red Sea will be releasing in India on June 1. The film is being brought to India by MVP entertainment in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, read a statement to IANS. Directed by Dante Lam, the film stars Zhang Yi [Read story...]

The – strategic location’ curse

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Egypt: what do these countries share in common? Aside from carrying a Muslim majority, a poor economic status, a civil war like situation, numerous external threats and internal chaos, they also share an &#39 [Read story...]

Swindon Aids centre founder remembered

THE life of community figure and founder of Swindon's HIV centre Tom Harris will be celebrated at his funeral on May 14. Born in 1935 in the Dominican capital of Roseau, he emigrated to Britain in 1958 where he joined the RAF and travelled extens [Read story...]

Mass executions in Yemen’s Houthi group courts

Dozens of recent death sentences have been issued against political opponents of the ruling al-Houthi group on charges of communicating and collaborating with hostile foreign parties, reported the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor and SAM Organ [Read story...]

Cholera fast facts

Dehydration from rapid loss of body fluids is the reason the disease can be so deadly within hours if the patient is not treated. There are three, two-dose oral cholera vaccines available, Dukoral, ShanChol and Euvicho, but it may take weeks for an i [Read story...]