VIDEO: What kind of sin can wipe out good deeds?

MV Events Source: YouTube The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) described and warned us about a certain state that can cause good deeds to be wiped out on the Day of Judgment. Speaker: Ustadh [Read story...]

Pakistan’s literary landscape

Rich in essence and pure in content, Pakistan's literature in English and Urdu – and from various regional languages – presents to the readers a world emanating from the tradition and culture of Pakistan. Where the poetry of Allama Iqbal and his [Read story...]

The reality of this month of Rajab

MV Media Image source: By: Shaykh Atiyyah Saqr Source: IslamOnline via There are some months as well as some places that have more worth in Almighty Alla [Read story...]

How about prayer facilities on planes?

MV Media By: Haqqseeker Source: MuslimVillage Alhamdulillah, there are many airlines all over the world which are owned by Muslims. MashaAllah, they have ultra-modern facilities for [Read story...]

Hanson compares herself to Mandela

PAULINE Hanson claims she was able to forgive Tony Abbott for causing her to be jailed for fraud because she has walked a similar path to Mandela. Senator Pauline Hanson has launched her own book, to tell her own story of over 11 years in politics, a [Read story...]

Singapore would become the "Antioch of Asia"

Lou Engle: An American Threatens a Christian-Muslim Divide in Singapore Benjamin Lim investigates the inroads political American evangelicalism have made in his country as he attended the sixth annual Kingdom Invasion. excerpt: I have come to Kingdom [Read story...]

A daily anti-depressant

MV Events By: UswatulMuslimah Source: UswatulMuslimah What is “Strive to Bring Aive” The purpose of this column is to motivate and encourage everyone to make an attempt [Read story...]