28 Muslim Delegates Elected to CA Dem Party

By Farrah KhanThis past weekend, California Muslims made political history when 28 Muslim candidates were elected by Democrats as delegates and alternate delegates to the California Democratic Party (CDP). This constitutes the largest number of Musli [Read story...]

The Collapse of a Tradition

On Marriage by Khalil Gibran The Collapse of a Tradition, from Sacred to Profane: The Abolishment of the Institution of Marriage by George Nicolas El-Hage, Ph.D. In the Middle East, in general, gender equality, love, sex, marriage, emotional relation [Read story...]

Sudan appoints new vice president

Sun, 2013-12-08 17:46 KHARTOUM: Sudan’s ruling party appointed Sunday one of President Omar Al-Bashir’s closest confidantes to be his new vice president as part of a leadership shakeup in the country, a top party… [Read story...]

Bombings kill 30 in and around Iraqi capital

Sun, 2013-12-08 17:33 BAGHDAD: At least eight explosions tore through predominantly Shiite Muslim areas in and around Baghdad Sunday, hitting crowded market places, commercial districts and even a car repair shop in a… [Read story...]