Sudan Makes Major Cabinet Changes

Sudan President Omar Hassan al-Bashir has gained the support from many African and Arab states in light of the International Criminal Court indictment against him. He has dismissed the charges as an imperialist plot to seize the oil wealth of Sudan., [Read story...]

Who’s Competent to Lead Puntland?

Abdirahman Farole, President of Puntland, formerly a part of Somalia. The breakaway territory is having conflicts with Somaliland, another breakaway area that has declared its independence from people in the south and central regions of the country., [Read story...]

South Africa Begins Farwell to Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela and the late PLO leader Yassir Arafat. People in Palestine are commemorating the fifth anniversay of his death in 2004., a photo by Pan-African News Wire File Photos on Flickr.South Africa Begins Farewell to Nelson MandelaPresident Zum [Read story...]

Celebrate Mandela’s Life

Former South African President and African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela. He celebrated his 93rd birthday on July 18, 2011., a photo by Pan-African News Wire File Photos on Flickr.The New Age 12/6/2013 7:05:20 AMCelebrate Mandela’s life: Bi [Read story...]

How Do We Say Goodbye to Tata Mandela?

South Africans celebrate the life of former ANC leader and President Nelson Mandela outside his home on December 5, 2013. Millions are mourning him throughout the country., a photo by Pan-African News Wire File Photos on Flickr.Tata Mandela, how do w [Read story...]

We Will Always Need Madiba

The-then South African President Nelson Mandela with his soon to be wife Graca Machel in 1998. Mandela joined the ancestors on December 5, 2013., a photo by Pan-African News Wire File Photos on Flickr.Editorial: We will always need MadibaOur farewell [Read story...]

Sudan-Ethiopian Higher Committee Holds Meeting

The inauguration of the damn at Merowe took place on March 3, 2009 in Sudan. The following day the ICC issued an arrest warrant against President Omar Hassan al-Bashir., a photo by Pan-African News Wire File Photos on Flickr.Ethiopian Radio and Telev [Read story...]